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Calling All Volunteers 

Thank you in advance for volunteering to help with Fall Ball - we know it takes your very valuable time, but believe the reward for that time is to see the children of our community become better citizens in seeing so many parents working together to help build a program.
For those of you who volunteered to help conduct the activities at Fall Ball, you will receive an invitation, asking you to accept the invite and indicate your availability for each Fall Ball Session.
We will set up "teams", based on your registered volunteer position, and will distribute a schedule before the first session. When you log in, you will be able to indicate your availability by week. We need you to do that to get an initial indication of our weekly gaps, so that we can redirect volunteers to other activities, if necessary.
It may also mean that you may only need to help for a couple weekends during the 8 weeks, based on everyone's availability. The more help, the better.
The sooner you select your slots, the more likely you will get the weekends that you want, so login early!
We designed Fall Ball to enable you to come and go as a volunteer within 2-3 hours and be able to enjoy the rest of your Sunday with family and friends. Some work before and some after may be required, but we're hoping to have this finely-oiled machine working well after the first couple weeks.
If you have conflicts on any weekends, please email your "team" to solicit coverage for you. It's really important that you show up if you are scheduled. 
Thanks again for your help and support!