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Parents, we are so excited to finally get you some details on our Fall Ball Sessions. We've spent a lot of time speaking with local vendors, schools, athletes, and you to put together some of the most exciting changes to our Fall Ball clinics in years.
When:     Sundays, 9/12 through 10/30 (weather permitting), for 2 hours
Times:     11am-1pm  (please arrive 45 minutes early for sign-in, field assignment, and pinnie distribution on week 1 - sessions start at 11am sharp (ALL WEEKS)!
Format:     For the boys and girls, we will have 12 micro fields set up on the first 4 fields at the front of Herbst Complex. We will divide the boys and girls by age and experience level that we are aware of initially.
With a central clock, starting at 11am sharp and ending at 1pm, the kids will move from station to station for about 45 minutes working on their stick skills, then into team and positional drills for about 20 minutes, then scrimmage among their groups for 30 minutes, then cool down with some fun competitions, before we recognize our guest coaches and some of our best performers for the day.
We'd like to implement weekly challenges, so the children go home and work on their skills, on the honor system, and report back. Teams will be randomly selected, with no child knowing his/her teammate, to tabulate the combined results and prizes will be awarded to the winners.
Your children will be evaluated periodically by the coaches to most effectively match them with players who have similar skills and keep them challenged and having fun - that means fields could change weekly based on skills and progress. Please understand that this will not be a perfect process, but we are trying to provide the kids with an environment where they can learn and enjoy their LAX experience with some friendly competition with similarly skilled players. Please don't lobby for your child to be placed in one group or another, unless it's for safety purposes. 
Our intent is to have a festival environment that we hope will feel similar to the tourney structure we are used to in lacrosse, which makes playing so much fun. We'll have music, vendors selling food, and we'll be cooking burgers and dogs each week. Come with your family and enjoy lunch while you get to know new friends in the LAX community - after all, that's a huge part of what makes LAX so special!
We will have very well known local, High School, College, and Professional guest coaches as well as a couple former, College Lacrosse superstars that will be working with your kids (to be announced later).
We'll do our best to communicate with you weekly about the field assignments,  guest coaches, as well as the challenges that we will have so that your children can be prepared.
Please be sure to arrive early, fully dressed and prepared to take the field at 11am sharp because when the bell tolls, we'll be starting our stations to maximize your children's touches. Any warm up (stretching, etc.) should be done before 11am as we don't want to spend time warming the kids up so we can maximize their Lax Learning. If you're late, please have your child come to their assigned field and jump into stations.
We're so honored and excited that you have chosen to put your trust in us to provide your children with a valuable experience. As you can imagine, there are a lot of moving parts, and we could not pull it all off without our volunteers, who have and will be spending countless hours to put everything together.  
Thank you to everyone who helps us bring the fun of Lacrosse to the masses!