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2018 Irish Skirmish Lacrosse Tournament

2018 Irish Skirmish Lacrosse Tournament - The Annual Tradition Continues With An Expanded Location


The Irish Skirmish, the premier youth girls' and boys' lacrosse tournament hosted by Central Bucks Athletic Association Lightning Lacrosse, will take place on April 21st and 22nd at Herbst Sports Complex (5472 Durham Road/Route 413, Pipersville, PA) and Turks Fields (1082 Almshouse Road, Warrington, PA). The 13th annual event includes over 110 teams comprised of 2,200 youth players from Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut and beyond.


The tournament continues to grow in popularity with over 200 games and 4,000 attendees expected. In addition to the competitive tournament, players and spectators will enjoy great food, merchandise and music. Proceeds support the organization as well as local charities.


For more information on team or vendor registration, visit http://irishskirmishyouthla.msisites.com

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Irish Skirmish Committee Leaders and Team Parents


Irish Skirmish Committee Leaders and Team Parents
Thank you to all those that attended the Skirmish Kickoff Meeting! Each CBAA lacrosse team is responsible for providing volunteers to help with the tournament that it is our privilege and honor to host. Every year, over 100 teams from multiple states participate in our flagship event that honors Coach Brian Riley, who embodied everything we hope to demonstrate - community, family, volunteering and lacrosse. We're still looking for committee leaders for:
  • Registration & Scheduling (2)
  • Swag & Entertainment (2)
  • Referees & Trainers (1)
  • Facilities Coordination (2-3)
  • Volunteer Coordination (2-3)
Please email Nick Walter (  to discuss the roles, responsibilities, time commitment, etc. No role will take more than 1-2 hours per week leading up to the event, with the primary coordination of volunteers being from April 20-23. The Team Parent will be the point person for communicating with team members about Skirmish volunteer activities and logistics.

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SI Play League Mobile App
JOIN YOUR Central Bucks Athletic Association 
Lightning Lacrosse Team ON OUR NEW FREE TEAM APP! 
All of our Central Bucks Athletic Association Lightning Lacrosse teams are now accessible on the SI Play Mobile App. SI Play is a free app within your phone's app store or Google play store. Once you download the app and log in, you just select the teams and players you want to track through the season.
Steps to Download and Login to the App
  1. Click one of the buttons below, or search SI Play in your phones app store.
  2. Download the app to your phone.
  3. Use your Central Bucks Athletic Association Lightning Lacrosse registration credentials to login*

The CBAA Lacrosse website (http://cblightninglacrosse.com/) is where all scheduling and communication take place, so for the most up to date information, go to the website for schedules, field opening/closures, and messages for the CBAA Lacrosse community.
Please note you cannot access SI Play online (as you would for other CBAA sports) to do anything with your account. SEPYLA and PAGLA (the Boys and Girls governing bodies for our respective leagues) still use League Athletics and the full integration has not occurred yet, so CBAA Lax is NOT integrated with the SI Play online accounts that you currently have if you play CBAA Soccer or Basketball.

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New Director of Girls' Lacrosse
New Director of Girls' Lacrosse!
We are thrilled to welcome Amy Keller as the new CBAA Girls Lacrosse Director. Amy lives in Pipersville with her husband Rob and three children. She has been a project manager in the field of market research for 25 years. Both her professional experience and proximity to Herbst fields will be helpful in her position as Director of the girls' program.  
But even more important to her new role, is her love of lacrosse and appreciation for the opportunity CBAA provides to the young girls in our community to learn the game. Amy played 4 years of lacrosse in high school, and was excited when her daughter had the interest to start playing in 3rd grade. Thanks to the program directors of the past who grew and sustained the CBAA girls program, her daughter has had the chance to learn the game of lacrosse at a much younger age. In gratitude to these earlier volunteers, Amy has been inspired to increase her level of involvement in the program. She has been an assistant coach for the past two spring seasons and is dedicated to her new role in maintaining a strong program that will continue to bring even more young girls to the game!
A special thanks goes to Kelly Tait who has continued to support the program as outgoing Director and is actively bringing Amy up to speed in order to kick off the 2018 season!
If you have any questions regarding the girls' lacrosse program or want to send Amy congratulations on her new role, she can be reached at 

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Universal Lacrosse Has A New Location!
After almost a decade, Universal Lacrosse has made the move to a bigger location with plenty of parking to support the Bucks County lacrosse community! Be sure to stop by to check out the store, watch a game streaming on the TV and pick up some items on your lacrosse players holiday wish-lists!
A Few Key Features of the NEW store:
  • More than Triple the size of the old store
  • Increased Stock Levels to match the new location size
  • New Full Time Manager
  • Big Screen TV Streaming Games
  • Parking - PLENTY of space for customers.
  • Much More, come in to check us out!
New ULC Doylestown Address:
Universal Lacrosse
800 North Easton Rd.
Cross Keys Plaza Suite 2
Doylestown PA 18902

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CBAA Lacrosse Board Openings
CBAA Lacrosse Board Openings
It takes a village to keep our wonderful lacrosse program running smoothly, and our village is in need of board members to fill several key positions for both the boys and girls programs, including directors of coaching and player development, and coordinators to oversee volunteers, field management, Irish Skirmish, Fall Ball, uniforms, and more. 
If you are interested in learning more about any position, please contact Nick Walter (boys program) at   or Kelly Tait (girls program) at 

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Waiver Policy

Waiver Policy & Instructions


Players with NO home program

The current SEPYLA requirement for players who do not have a home program is for those players to notify SEPYLA of their desired Spring Season program. SEPYLA has not finalized this process, but the current steps when registering for CBAA are as follows:

  • Send an e-mail to  oyslax@cbaasports.org with a copy to 
  • The Email must contain: Player's Name, Date of Birth, Grade, and Home Address
  • Include a statement confirming that they wish to play for CBAA Lacrosse because their home school district does not have a youth program.
  • Identify if the player is a first year player - if they are an experienced player, provide the name of the program they participated in the prior spring.


Players within the boundaries of an ACTIVE program

Any player who resides within another team boundary, and wishes to play for the CBAA, must go through the SEPYLA waiver process BEFORE registering with CBAA. 

The formal waiver process is defined on the SEPYLA website.  However,  the following steps outline the process:

  • An e-mail needs to be sent to Steve Lehman, chairman of the SEPYLA competition committee, explaining the hardship and reason for the request to play for the CBAA. 
  • There is a $25 fee for the waiver process, payable to SEPYLA. 

As a reminder our territory includes all feeder schools to CB East, CB West and Palisades.  If your physical address does not reside in these boundaries, you need to obtain a waiver OR register with your home program.  No exceptions!!


Read More  - click SEPYLA Waiver Process

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Today's Events
Field Status
CB East HS Boys Field - Doylestown TBD (4/20) 
CB East HS Girls Field - Buckingham TBD (4/20) 
Gardenville Field 1 - Doylestown TBD (4/20) 
Gardenville Small 1 - Doylestown TBD (4/20) 
Gardenville Small 2 - Doylestown TBD (4/20) 
Herbst Field #1 - Pipersville TBD (4/20) 
Herbst Field #2 - Pipersville TBD (4/20) 
Herbst Fields #3 - Pipersville TBD (4/20) 
MBIT - Jamison TBD (4/20) 
TohickonMiddle School - Doylestown TBD (4/20) 
Turk Field III - Field 1 - Doylestown TBD (4/20) 
Turk Field III - Field 2 - Doylestown TBD (4/20) 
Turk Field III - Field 3 - Doylestown TBD (4/20) 
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